Why our new intra-oral camera is a big deal!

An intra-oral camera is a special camera designed to take pictures and video INSIDE your mouth. It helps dental professionals get an up-close look at your teeth & gums so we can make accurate diagnoses on your health.

For many of you, you've experienced that at your dentist before. And up until now, that's been the only option!

BUT... now you don't have to wait for the dentist! Now, at your routine cleaning at Champion Dental Hygiene, you'll be able to take an intra-oral look at your own teeth, making it much easier to see what's going on and understand any concerns. You'll be able to show up to your dentist knowing precisely what to ask for. You'll be able to see before-and-after results of your cleaning and polishing procedures.

This is just another way we work hard to ensure you feel informed and confident in the work we do and in your dental health.