Faster Whitening • No Sensitivity • All Natural
Enamel Safe • Maximum Results

Spa-Dent achieves 4-8 shades whiter in about 20 minutes, with a unique Blue AND Red LED light. It's all-natural and provides the maximum whitening benefit, in the least amount of time with virtually no sensitivity. Not only that, it maximizes oral health while whitening, by remineralizing teeth and healing oral tissue. The gel absorbs the light energy, which photo-chemically "excites" the peroxide molecules into breaking down faster. It provides "activating energy" that speeds up and improves the performance of whitening!


  • In-office 20 or 40 minute session

  • Take home a Home Kit, which includes an LED light to increase results and decrease time. Also great for whitening maintenance!

  • Learn more about the At-Home Whitening options we provide


  • No sensitivity

  • Quick

  • All natural (the only whitening product that has a natural health number)

  • Gluten Free

  • Silica Free

  • Sugar Free

  • No UV or lasers

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