Can I whiten my teeth TOO MUCH?

If you experienced sensitivity with your last teeth whitening, whether at a dental office, or a home system, you might be putting off your next session as long as possible! But, what if you always want to look shiny-bright?

Generally teeth do need in-office whitening touch-ups about every 6-12 months. The one I use, Spa Dent, is safe enough to do an in-office full whitening session every 3 months, which would be the most thorough appointment to whiten your teeth 2-12 shades. 

What I suggest, though, is using our Home Kit in addition to regular in-office sessions. It contains an LED light and gel, which you can use to help keep your teeth back to their whitened state as long as possible.

Have questions? Want to try one of the home kits? Give me a call or send me an email and let's chat!