Can anyone see whitening results?

Generally, EVERYONE can benefit from teeth whitening, because not only is it making your smile brighter, it's also killing bacteria, remineralizing your enamel, and other great healthy things.

There are a few cases where whitening isn't going to be successful:

  • Teeth that have tetracycline (or related antibiotic) staining
  • Teeth that have brown fluorosis staining (caused by over-exposure to fluoride, sometimes due to the public water supply being extra high in fluoride)

Unfortunately, these aren't normal stains as they're actually part of the tooth and cannot be removed. They may get a couple of shades lighter at best. 

Caps, crowns, and veneers are safe for our whitening products, but we can only whiten them back to their original shade.

If you have questions, email or call our office and we can advise a good solution for you!