Comparison of at-home whitening options

Sometimes going to the dentist to get whitened is a challenge... either because of the cost, or the intimidation-factor, or inconvenience, or any number of factors.

So, can you use at-home products to accomplish the same job?
There are a few home whitening options that can whiten the teeth. But... sorry to be the bearer of bad news... you cannot get the same results as a professional whitening system at a dental office. Mainly because home treatment options cannot have the same strength of gel as in an office. Our procedures at the office covers the gum tissue to protect from sensitivity, whereas home systems don't need to protect the gums because the solution isn't as strong.

Coming in to the office doesn't have to be so bad. Whitening at our office tends to be cheaper, more effective, and less intimidating than many other similar settings. Check out a few pictures of our setup here for a glimpse

We do happen to have an at-home product that we recommend. Here's a comparison of it against other home products:

Comparison from

Comparison from

Give me a call if you have concerns—I'm sure we can find a way to meet your needs!