Do I need to stop drinking coffee/wine/etc. if I whiten?

"I drink coffee and wine, etc… I hear that’s bad for keeping my teeth white, but I don’t want to stop those habits!"

Me neither! Day to day habits will naturally stain our whitened smile, but it's not a reason to change our life. Instead, whitening is designed to work with our daily habits.

I recommend an in-office whitening session every 6-12 months to get the heavier-duty stains whitened back to normal, but for all the time in between I encourage using our whitening home kit. You can do your own light-activated whitening to keep your teeth white, and simply add some of our gel onto your toothbrush for a simple whiten as you brush your teeth.

So, there are options. It just takes maintenance and intentionality. Give us a call or send us an email to find out more!